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BiCortex Translations Offers Free Services to Ukraine

BiCortex Translations in solidarity with Ukraine

At BiCortex Translations, our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine, who are now facing stark realities. We stand with Ukraine, companies, governments, and the many individuals across the globe calling for the immediate end to the horrific attack on Ukraine and its freedom. As such, in solidarity, we are offering free language and translation services to Ukrainians.

What we do

Whatever your translation needs, BiCortex Translations is here to help. Even the most complex technical translation, revision and editing of various forms of text can be handled with ease by our experienced, highly skilled project managers and our qualified translators. BiCortex translations was founded with the aim to help the world’s businesses be successful in the global marketplace. We are passionate about languages, but beyond offering translation and localisation services, we also have the technical know-how to help leverage the visibility and effectiveness of all types of texts. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique business needs, assisting with improving return on investment (ROI) as well as customer retention and conversion.
Translation Management

How does it work?

Once you have conveyed your target language and supplied BiCortex Translations with the texts, we do the rest.

Our Translation Management System (TMS) improves quality, time-to-market and cuts cost to improve margins. With our help, you can reach new markets in no time.

Keeping everything in one place, the Translation Management system automates word counts, deadlines, assignments, project communications and billing. It is the best way to ensure a high-quality translation is produced with the shortest possible turnaround.

Professional Translations

Effective, affordable and flexible, BiCortex Translations provides professional translations in all languages.

With guaranteed quality, your translations will match the right tone and branding of your business. We understand that translation requests are often urgent. Our optimised workflow promises fast delivery.

Sworn Translations and Legalisation

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