Process Flow

How it works, from kick off to handover.

At BiCortex Translations, we understand the importance of completing translations efficiently and seamlessly. To this end, we have developed a robust process to ensure high-quality translations with a fast turn-around. Translating any type of file, BiCortex Translations can save you money with our translation memory and integrated machine translation technology. Our team of global translators love to work with our online translation editor.

Translations are tracked in real-time so that you can monitor progress without spending valuable time exchanging emails and calls. Stakeholders work together in every project phase so that expectations are continually met.

Process Flow

What does the Process flow look like?

  • Project kick off: At the beginning of the project, workflow templates for the translation is set up. All document formats (such as pdf, word, html, srt) are accepted.
  • Word count is automatically calculated.
  • The project is assigned to an individual translator or a group of translators.
  • Translation is completed using both machine translation and expert translators.
  • Stakeholders are able to see a live preview of the translated document or site.
  • Translation is proofread by a second translator.
  • Format verification
  • Customer verification