BiCortex Translations Supports Ukraine

At BiCortex Translations, we're offering free services to the victims of the Ukraine Russia war.

BiCortex Translations to offer free services in solidarity with Ukraine

On the 24th of February 2022, Russia started the military invasion by launching a large-scale offensive on Ukraine, putting the safety of millions of Ukrainians at risk. According to a report by the United Nations, about 1.7 million refugees left Ukraine just in the first 11 days of the Russia-Ukraine war. Recent reports from the United Nations states that over 3.7 million refugees have fled the country so far since the invasion by Russia a month ago, in search of safety in neighbouring countries such as Romania, Poland, Hungary, Moldova and many other countries in Europe.

Although many nations worldwide have stepped up to support Ukraine, businesses and companies are also lending a hand. Many Ukrainian businesses and their employees are looking for direction at such unprecedented times. As a result, keeping up with ‘business as usual’ is something proving to be very difficult for many. Especially for those with ties abroad and global teams. Therefore, at BiCortex Translations and BiCortex Languages, we are offering our services for free to Ukranian refugees. We have no doubt that our commitment to helping the refugees of Ukraine will support many people and organisations.

BiCortex CEO drives from Spain to the Ukrainian border​​

On the 10th of March 2022, our CEO – Inigo Lopez embarked on a long journey. He drove for over 2 800km from Burgos, Spain, all the way to the Ukrainian border. He wanted to be on the ground, offering first-hand support to the victims of the war. His van was already filled with humanitarian supplies and donations, and along the way he received many more donations from friends, family and companies supporting his act of humanity. 

Inigo Lopez from BiCortex Languages Supports Ukraine

The donations were safely delivered at the Ukrainian border in Poland. More so, he will be travelling back to Spain, together with 11 refugees fleeing for safety. At BiCortex Translations, we will forever be so proud and inspired by the bold, compassionate humility our CEO has shown. Find out more details about his trip here

Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine, who are now facing stark realities. We stand with Ukraine, companies, governments and the many individuals across the globe calling for the immediate end to the horrific attack on Ukraine and its freedom.

Our free services for Ukrainian refugees

We are able to offer the following services depending on your individual situation:

  • Language training for refugees is available in group classes. We can currently offer Spanish, Portuguese and English
  • Professional translation services are available to support immigration / visa needs and job applications

Please feel free to contact us for more information below.