German Translation

Is German still an important language?


If you would like to improve your relationships with your German business partners, knowing the German language is a must. Improving your chance business success, effective communication in German allows you to tap into one of the strongest economies in the world.

Research and development

Any company operating in the research sector would do well to learn German. After English, German is the most used scientific language. The third largest contributor to research and development, Germany offers many fellowships to researchers from abroad.

Number of speakers

German is spoken by 130 million people. An official language in seven countries, including Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, being able to communicate in German provides access to a large market.

Do I need a professional German translation?

English to German translation

Initially, it might be assumed that English and German are sufficiently similar to negate the need for a translation. In actual fact, the two languages have many differences and are by no means mutually comprehensible. For instance, sentence structure differs between the two languages, as does the gender of nouns. Translators have to take care to not only create an accurate translation, but to also create a natural-sounding text, which appeals to its intended audience. Translations should also consider the culture of the target audience. As part of its localisation service, BiCortex Translations ensures German translations resonate well with the target market.


When it comes to German translations, you do not want to confuse your audience. Whether it is a marketing campaign or a legal contract, you want to ensure that the meaning is clear. It is not enough to vaguely capture the meaning, or to translate too literally from the original language. Rather, it is essential to have a native German speaker with vast translation experience, specialised in a particular field.

Certified German translations

For official documents, such as those required for visa applications, a sworn translation is necessary. A professional translation will not suffice. Sworn translations are carried out by sworn translators. Sworn translators must be registered with a court and the translations they produce will be signed and stamped.