Polish Translation

Is Polish an important language?

International significance

In the past, Polish was a lingua franca. It was important to know Polish for academia and diplomacy, notably in Central and Eastern Europe. This was due to the influence of the former Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, which was one of the largest countries in Europe. Today, there are approximately 38 million native Polish speakers.

Polish culture

It is no surprise that Poland’s rich history should give rise to such an interesting culture. In Krakow, the capital of Poland, you can visit the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site replete with impressive Gothic buildings.

Slavic languages

Poland belongs to the west Slavic group of Indo-European languages. It is therefore similar to other Slavic languages, such as Russian. Familiarity with the Polish language is an excellent gateway into other Slavic languages and cultures.

Is Polish a difficult language?


Polish grammar is notoriously complicated. Formed of seven cases, three genders (masculine, gender and neuter) and a complex system of inflectional morphology, it is often cited as the most challenging aspects of the language for foreign learners. In addition, verbs are conjugated in a variety of ways in Polish based on the person; whether the noun is singular or plural; the time the action took place and whether the person speaking (or being spoken about) is male or female. That is why we always recommend professional Polish translation.


Although Polish is based on the Latin alphabet, it has 32 letters. Moreover, some of the letters form digraphs and there is even one trigraph, creating a total of 17 signs which must be learnt by heart. Many Polish words are also formed by a cluster of consonants (e.g. ch, cz, rz, sz, szcz). Content localization is highly desired for websites and pages translated to Polish language.


Polish has many unique sounds. To the Western ear, some of these sounds are scarcely indistinguishable from one another. Being able to imitate the sounds when speaking is all the more challenging. For accurate sounding Polish, therefore, using a native speaker is necessary.