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What is interpreting?

Translation typically involves conveying the same meaning from one language to another language using the written word. In contrast, interpreting usually involves spoken or signed language. While translations might be carried out with a certain time lapse, interpreting tends to happen more immediately. Interpreting can take place in many different settings and for different purposes. However, its main aim is to allow for communication between two individuals who do not share each other’s language.


Do I need an interpreter?

There are many use cases for having an interpreter. For example, if you need to convey important medical information to your doctor. Equally, you may require an interpreter for legal disputes. Having an interpreter in a business setting is highly advisable. Whether you are delivering a presentation to international colleagues, or want to sell to an important client, making sure you are conveying the right message is key. Trying to speak another language leaves the opportunity for grammatical error or even cultural mistakes. Interpreters not only convey information in another language, but also ensure that your message is not omitted or modified in any way.

Where can I find a professional interpreter?

Interpreting is a very challenging profession, requiring you to think quickly on your feet. It also necessitates an excellent command of at least two languages, both the target language and the source language. Often, there is also need for a more specialised expertise. For instance, you may need an interpreter who is familiar with medical, technical or legal terminology. In many cases, interpreters are required in scenarios where there is little margin for error. As a result, it is important to ensure that you have an interpreter of excellent quality, who extensively prepares ahead of time and who can deal with the pressure of the role. BiCortex Translations has an expert network of interpreters who can cater to every need.

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