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What is proofreading?

Proofreading involves checking that there are no errors in a text. Proofreading checks there is accuracy and clarity in a number of areas, including:

  • Spelling Grammar
  • Sentence structure (or syntax)
  • Word choice
  • Incorrectly structured paragraphs
  • Punctuation errors
  • Inconsistencies

In the context of translations, it ensures that the source text has been faithfully transmitted into the target language. It may also check that the text is appropriate for the target culture.

proofreading text

Why is it important?

At BiCortex Translations, it is the final stage of the translation project flow. However, it is useful as a service in itself, helping to avoid the embarrassment of publishing a text containing errors and inconsistencies. This is particularly important when your target audience is expecting high quality. When publishing a scientific paper, for instance, grammar and spelling mistakes can reflect negatively on the validity of your research. When submitting a tender to a potential client, these same mistakes might easily dissuade them from using your product or service.

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What is the best proofreading process?

It is highly advisable to have your work proofread by a professional. Ideally, the professional should be a specialist in your field. In this way, they can understand the text easily and can make changes without changing the fundamental nature of the text. A specialist proofreader is also well-placed to advise where you might have made more knowledge-based mistakes, such as a mistake in a calculation, or citing the wrong research. Furthermore, the best process should detect plagiarism.

Evaluating proofreading materials

What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

They tend to go hand in hand. In many cases, proofreading services will include the potential to edit the final document. Nevertheless, while proofreading is more of a cursory exercise, highlighting mistakes, editing involves creating more modifications to the text. This might include changing the tone or restructuring paragraphs for greater impact. Overall, both ensure a well-written, concise and easily understood text.

To request assistance with proofreading, upload your document at the below link.

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