Subtitling and Transcription

Whether for an important business meeting, or during legal proceedings, BiCortex’s professional interpreting service has got you covered.

What is transcription?

Subtitling and Transcription involve converting speech or audio into a plain, written text document called a transcript. Our translators can produce transcripts verbatim (including all details of the sound file, such as sound effects), or can edit the texts so that they can be read and understood more easily.

What are the benefits of Transcription?

There are many benefits to transcription, particularly when the text is converted into captions. The text appeals to the deaf or hard of hearing, helps those whose native language is not spoken in the video and allows users to watch the video without the sound on.

How can Transcription improve SEO?

Videos are increasingly becoming an important marketing tool. By choosing the internet over traditional television, brands are able to reach a greater audience and have better return on investment. Moreover, transcripts allow search engines to read and then index the contents of the video, therefore improving SEO and, in turn, customer reach and interaction.

Why are subtitles important?

Using subtitle translation for your video content is essential if you are targeting international audiences. As global markets continue to grow, and as streaming technology continues to improve, there are ample opportunities for video content to be enjoyed around the world.

Using a literal translation will not suffice if you are looking to improve your customer reach. BiCortex translators will produce subtitles which take into account localisation, adapting the content to suit cultural differences so that your content remains relevant to your target audience.

Our translators also adjust the line length of subtitles so that reading speeds can be kept at a reasonable level.

What is the difference between subtitles and transcription?

Subtitles translate the content of a sound file into another language. Transcription is a written record of what has been said in the original language. Subtitling typically involves translating from the original transcript.