Website Translation and Localisation

Is your company ready to make the international leap? When it comes to moving from a local to an international market, business success pins on multilingual content.

With communication central to maintaining your brand, having the right messaging in all intended target languages is essential.

BiCortex Translations provides translations which meet the same high standards as the original content, adapting language to various international audiences.

Using expert multi-lingual translators with vast knowledge on different cultures and markets, BiCortex Translations provides reliable website and software translation and localisation services.

Blog translations

Blog Translations

Blogs are an excellent way to reach your target audience. Incorporating a range of media, they offer engaging content to leverage your brand and increase traffic to your website, helping in turn with your customer acquisition. In addition, every time a new blog post is published, a new page is added to your website, helping with SEO by providing new content for search engines to index.

Rather than create separate content for each language, BiCortex Translations simplifies processes by translating the content you already have, ensuring brand consistency across your markets.

Google Ads Translation

Creating online ads to reach an audience interested in the products and services your company offers, google ads is a valuable marketing tool, allowing you to capitalise on the large number of searches that take place on Google daily.

Translating advertisements is where expertise is particularly important. While technical translations are more focused on accuracy and specific terminology, translations of advertisements require creativity and persuasive language, leading to optimum customer conversion rates. Translating too literally, or not taking into account cultural differences, will significantly hinder the success of your marketing campaigns.

Google ads translation
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is crucial for visibility. Given the fact that customers rarely click past the first search engine results page, not ranking highly on search engines will significantly impact the number of potential customers visiting your site.

BiCortex Translations not only accurately translates your content, but also uses SEO experts to maintain or improve your Search Engine Ranking.