API and integrations

Our clients in software sectors are increasingly adopting an international presence as a means of maximising their potential and outperforming their competitors.

An excellent quality translation is paramount to maintaining your image as a tech-savvy brand. Equally, to improve search rankings from specific key word phrases in app stores, translating and localising keywords and metadata improves the visibility of your app. In addition, localised app content increases engagement, an essential benchmark of successful marketing and lead generation.

Automating translations for all content types in any content systems, BiCortex Translations’ API service seamlessly provides translations for any application. API and integrations are comprehensive services that allow for sustainable excellence. 

API and integrations

The benefits of using API translation services for your applications include:

  • Speed: your text is translated and posted back to your website in a matter of hours. With BiCortex Translations, your website or e-commerce content is always translated and up-to-date.
  • Accuracy: rather than copying and pasting, API translation sources the original text.
  • Real time status reporting: enjoy full visibility of the status of your translation projects at all times. With the right permissions, any type of stakeholder can access a project or translation.
  • Quality: automation results in improved consistency of your localisation efforts.

The Wordbee Beebox Connector for WordPress

The Wordbee Beebox Connector for WordPress is the smartest choice to translate any WordPress content in an efficient and user-friendly way.

With translation connectors for over 40 connectors for popular systems, offering complete middleware solutions for CMS, DMS and ECM systems, you can connect to your localisation ecosystem and immediately start translating.

The Connector enables you to filter and select the content to translate, manage your WordPress translation processes with suppliers to receive your translations on time and have WordPress sites updated with a click.