How to Find the Best Personal Document Translation Service in 2022

Are you looking for the best personal document translation services to help you with your content? Look no further as we list some of the best here.

Demonstrating your products and services through product videos is a great way to connect with those who live in different parts of the country or the world. We live in a society where communication is the foundation of everything we do. As the world approaches, language is the only way we can communicate. And the best way to communicate in different languages ​​is by the services of translators.

In today’s digital age, every company needs an interpreter because of globalization and the collapse of the Internet in the early 2000s. Whether you’re a brand looking to expand into new markets through advanced features such as variable pricing or a content creator looking to expand your reach, some of the top translation companies can help you achieve new standards.

Whether you need accompanying documents translated or written summaries in a language you can access, you no longer need to be plagued by Google Translation. We know some of the top translation agencies out there.

#1. TheWordPoint

Our team agreed that this translation company was number one among the reviewed ones. We came to the same conclusion after our tests. The people who work for this agency are fully qualified, efficient, and connected, which ensures the best translation.

They can do specialized translations and work on technological, legal, or public documents. We like that all the prices and services of this company are listed on their website. But most importantly, we received our documents on time. Our reviewers noticed one minor scanning error, but it was acceptable. They’re among the best online translation companies we’ve reviewed, which is why we gave TheWordPoint a deserved high spot on our list of the best.

#2. GeniusTranslation

GeniusTranslation is one of the best translation services we’ve come across. It has been almost ten years since he offered his services. This company perfectly combines high quality, reasonable prices, and honest translators who will be happy to become your language assistants.

The company is known for delivering orders on time; there is nothing to hide, including prices. You can see them on the site. Its managers will always support you: even if you have difficult requests, they will find a way to fulfill them. This is not the first time our review team has placed an order with GeniusTranslation, and so far, we are completely satisfied. Placing orders here is safe and convenient.

#3. TranslateHub

TranslateHub is one of the best translation services we’ve tested, and here’s why. Working only since 2019, we assembled a team of real specialists with many years of experience and high qualifications. In total, they work in 50 languages, but, unusually, they promise to find a specialist in any field at the request of people.

This means that TranslateHub has good international connections with experts worldwide. The quality is excellent in every aspect, whether you order translations or localization, and they deliver the work on time. At the same time, its prices are very low, which surprised us. We recommend them as one of the best services we have reviewed.

#4. Lionbridge

Lionbridge is undoubtedly one of the world’s largest and most researched language companies based in Massachusetts, USA. Also available in India, this is one of the best translation agencies today, providing services in over 350 languages. The company promises to focus on the language and culture of translation. Their services include language translation, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and testing services.

#5. Google Translate

Google Translate needs no introduction as it is probably the most popular machine translation tool. Launched in 2006, the translation tool used SMT first for word-to-word translation. However, Google has abandoned SMT in favor of the more accurate NMT, resulting in improved translation efficiency.

Google’s patented machine translation technology, Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT), uses neural networks to translate entire sentences while preserving their context as much as possible.

#6. Bing Microsoft Translator

Bing Microsoft Translator is a cloud-based machine translation service created by Microsoft. The tool is part of Microsoft Cognitive Services integrated with Bing, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Microsoft Edge, Skype, Visual Studio, and others.

Bing Microsoft Translator offers translation and speech companies through cloud services. Microsoft Translator currently supports 105 languages ​​and 12 translation systems to provide the Microsoft Translator live chat experience.

In addition, Microsoft Translator allows you to translate images, sounds, options, and links to provide value and a better user experience.

#7. Ulatus

Ulatus is a company specializing in Asian languages. It has been on the market for 15 years and deserves an honorable second place on our list of the best. You can’t translate all popular languages ​​on this site, but if you need to translate Asian languages ​​like Korean or Japanese, this is one of the best places for you. Their services are very expensive at $0.17 per word, which is not to say that this is the best site.

But we have many reasons to include it in the top 5 services of our list. First, they deliver documents on time, and second, they are reliable accurate work. Our experts did not find any signs of mechanical work, and all the details and complex information were correct. There were a few minor glitches, but we don’t think they’re too big because you can get a quick fix, which we got pretty quickly.

#8. DayTranslations

DayTranslations is a very popular company, and many readers have asked for feedback. It has a clean, modern website that is easy to navigate but lacks pricing information. We think this is not easy and bad for the best professional document translation services. However, we had a great time talking to their support team.

We ordered the translation of two medical documents, which caused the price to increase. As for the final document, we were very surprised by its controversial nature. While one document was perfect, the other was not. There were some stupid sentences and wrong expressions. Therefore, we cannot say this is our list’s best service.

#9. DeepL Translator

DeepL Translator is an NMT service developed by Linguee GmbH (now known as DeepL GmbH), a German company dedicated to developing machine translation technology through deep learning. DeepL Translator was launched in 2017 and has carefully researched and studied the best translations from trusted language sources.

Artificial intelligence allows DeepL Translator to provide more accurate and detailed translations than its peers. Maybe he lives up to his claim of being “the world’s most accurate translator.”

#10. Amazon Translate

For those in the know, Amazon isn’t just a commercial marketplace; it also provides machine translation through its Amazon Translate tool. According to the Amazon Translate website, this NMT service was created to provide fast, high-quality, and customized language translations at an affordable price.

Amazon is constantly improving its data to provide the best possible translations, regardless of the length of the main content. At the same time, Amazon Translate’s custom translation feature allows users to import their translation data to customize translations accordingly. 

#11. OneHourTranslation

OneHour Translation is a company that promises a very fast order. According to their website, they can take care of even the hardest of times, hence the name. There are specialists in 15 industries and several languages. Their website is simple and dated but contains all the important information about prices and services. Prices start at $37 per page; not everyone can afford it.

So, One Hour isn’t the best online translator we’ve come across. We love their speed because this company delivers our orders on time. It was fairly accurate, but some places were wrong. The review came quickly too, but we missed the deadline. This service might be for you if you’re willing to pay extra for faster speeds.


Gengo is a leading company that finds language specialists for open positions. We understand that this model is not for everyone, which is why it is in third place on our list of the best. This model has some limitations, such as only translations being available. You cannot order video, audio, or subtitle services. We believe that leading translation agencies should offer competitive prices, as with Gengo.

It’s only slightly above market, so you won’t spend a fortune ordering from Gengo. While it’s not the best service, it’s good enough if their advertising model meets your needs. They provide good qualities and few flaws. The documents they produce are simple and readable.

Final Thought

With the continuous improvement of machine translation technology over time, machine translation software has become an excellent choice for businesses needing translation. However, there is no one-stop machine translation service (yet!) If you buy mirrors, your best bet is to try a few different translations. Translation tools and evaluate whether they meet the specific needs of your business before making a financial commitment.

Also, remember that machine translation machines are not completely designed to replace human translation. After the first step of translating using machine translation, you may want to have a professional translator check and proofread the translation.

Accurate and accurate translation services are the need of the Hour. You can broaden your horizons worldwide by partnering with some of the best translation agencies in the world. In most cases, translation is not enough. Local content that is culturally relevant is the key to attracting customers.

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